Black History Makers
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Our creative prowess should no longer be viewed as an exception; our innovation benefits the world.
Matt Easton, Mentor for Amazon Future Engineer
Quanique Toston, Founder of LQ Logistics
"Black people are some of the world’s greatest inventors. Representation matters to inspire the next generation."
Learn how LQ Logistics empower communities through Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program.
To increase access, Matt Easton mentors children from underrepresented communities through Amazon’s Future Engineer program.
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Buy Black. Supporting Black-owned businesses strengthens local economies and drives wealth to Black communities.
Danyel Surrency Jones has revolutionized the athletic industry through innovative fitness training and tech.
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Cloth & Cord: Rooted in African ancestry, Ellana Turner creates wearable art in the form of jewelry and accessories.
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Cloth & Cord
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Black Art: Discover music, books, films, and more from Black creators.
6lack: Black artists have been needle-pushing from the very beginning... everything in the industry follows behind us.
"The more we understand, the more we know each other, the more we demystify what it means to be Black or whatever you are."
Pronounced “black,” the R&B artist is part of Love Renaissance which gives free studio space to emerging Black artists.
Inspired by Black writers, Dr. Aleron Kong is helping shift the paradigm of Black characters in the Fantasy realm.
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IMDb picks for Black History Month
IMDb shares curated selections starring Black Hollywood icons to add to your Watchlist and more.
Twitch celebrates Black brilliance, View original broadcasts featuring prominent Black voices across gaming.
Black Gamers
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Sponsored by LIFE WTR. Black Art Rising: giving Black creative voices a platform as they call for change through their work.
Black Innovators at Amazon. Learn about the Makers innovating on behalf of Amazon customers.
Alexandra Mitchelson, VP of Black Employee Network
“I want to have an impact on the youth. They should know they can achieve anything if they put the work in.”
Timothy Hinshaw, Head of R&B and Hip-Hop
“Black people are the foundation of culture. Our voice, our ideas, and our existence matter.”
Amazon is a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to invent on behalf of all customers
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Celebrating entrepreneurs and innovators in the Black community: Read their stories on our blog